Best Brackish Water Treatment Systems

Process of Water Treatment Brackish Water Treatment Systems

  • pretreatment,
  •  pressurization,
  •  membrane separation, and
  • post-treatment stabilization


The brackish feed water is pretreated to prevent fouling of the RO membranes by filtering suspended solids. The pH may be adjusted and adding a antiscalant added.

Electric pumps create the pressure needed to process the pretreated water effectively, according to the salinity of the feed water.

The RO membranes separate the fresh product water and the brine reject streams.

If post-treatment is required the permeate may be subject to pH adjustment and degasification.

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Best Brackish Water Treatment Systems

Aqua Best Brackish Revers Osmosis water Treatment plant 5000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) up to 100,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD has moderate levels of dissolved minerals and salts. The presence of these impurities makes the water less desirable or unusable for many applications. Aqua Best Distillation was the common water recovery process for sea water and brackish water until the 2006 when Reverse Osmosis found a new application in large-scale desalination plants. While sites such as power stations and refineries can provide the heat required for thermal distillation techniques as a by-product low cost energy source and desalinate using Aqua Best Reverse Osmosis systems.
Today, with expertise in multiple desalination methods, Pure Water Group can design and supply systems that are optimized according to the characteristics of the source water and the product water quality required. The preferred technologie is Electrodialysis Reversal
The most common method of desalination is Reverse Osmosis. However, if the brackish water is in the 1000 to 40,000 ppm range of total dissolved solids (TDS), the latest EDR technology could offer a viable alternative to RO and potentially be a more economical solution.

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