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Aqua Filter Pro is one of the leaders in water treatment equipment trading. We have a professional team, which consists of bright engineers, sales agents and maintenance experts that help us to serve customers better.

We sell the best water filtration and purification systems for your home and business. Aqua Filter Pro Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC will help solve your town’s water problems by providing the best water filtration products on the market today. We provide a variety of systems to meet your needs whatever it might be. We have a wide range of products that includes Reverse Osmosis, UV Light Treatment, UV Purification with Metal Oxide Media and Sedimentation Filters. Our products are not only low capable but also save you money in the long run!

We are the leading water treatment system in United Arab Emirates. Our team is providing services all over the Middle East and North Africa.

Fluids are passed through the system of carbon and ceramic filters to remove suspended solids, bacteria and protozoa. The water is then disinfected with Ultraviolet light, which kills all micro-organisms that may be present. UV lamp is installed in each system as a precaution against possible stagnation in distribution lines and storage tanks

Aqua Filter Pro Water Treatment Equipment Trading is a leading and pioneering organization that deals in various products for water treatment like Reverse Osmosis, UV Irrigation, RO Membrane, UV Disinfection, RO Packages, RO Systems (Dry), Multiport Valve, Filters & Accessories. We offer quality water purifiers at affordable prices.

We offer you water treatment equipment’s that includes RO system, UF system, UV disinfection system and many more. We are a customer oriented company that gives you best service if you want to buy any water treatment equipment then contact us

Our company produces water treatment system, we have a variety of water filter equipment, our products include: RO system, Reverse Osmosis System, Nanofilter System, Ultra filtration system.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality water treatment equipment and accessories for our customers. We look forward to providing expert technical advice, offering the best value for money and delivering exceptional customer care.

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